Martin Potter – a man who should not need a introduction if you know anything about surfing and it’s history. A true legend to the surfing world. A world champion and a massive world tour influencer – ‘’Pottz” is one of the reasons competitive surfing is where it’s at today. He brought high performance, radical surfing like airs and other high risk manoeuvres to the competitive surfing arena and changed surfing competitions forever.


The twin fin is a unique design of a board that started it all for Pottz. We used the outline that gave birth to his style of radical surfing back in the day, but we mixed it up with a high performance rocker of our own to create a twin fin design that does it all: it draws that perfect line that only twin fins find, but it also lets you go all out on whatever canvas the waves throws at you. Steep or soft sections, this board just cuts through it, like a knife through butter.
Both of the Pottz models come with an epic artwork – like it’s 1983 all over again.
  • Fuller outline
  • Performance rocker
  • Single to double concave
  • Twin fin
  • Wing swallow tail
  • Ride up to 4″ shorter and 1/2″ wider than your regular board

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